His Kidnapper’s Shoes – Maggie James


9/10. Evocative and communicates the book’s themes perfectly.

Daniel Covey has spent his life thinking something isn’t quite right with his mother. He’s also spent his life hating his stepfather – who has stopped him attending art school to study his passion. He’s also spent his life drinking away a secret pain and finding solace in taking strangers to bed. And now, he’s about to uncover the biggest secret of his life – one that will bring him a whole new world of pain…

As Daniel pulls at the threads of the lies that make up his life, is all hope of redemption – and the semblance of a normal life – lost? Or can he find his way to forgiveness and understanding to craft a new path for himself?

There’s not much that can be said about this book without revealing major spoiler alerts, but His Kidnapper’s Shoes delivers plot twist after plot twist, keeping readers intrigued and on their toes. A few of the events seem slightly disconnected from the main narrative – the fate of a character’s husband, for example – but otherwise James sketches a shocking series of events that eventually fall neatly into one very messed-up jigsaw. A compelling, if somewhat unbelievable, read!