An unexpected absence…

Hi guys!

A quick apology for KCARAB fans as I haven’t been very active in recent months. A perfect storm of moving house, family goings-on and a very busy period at work meant that I had very little to no spare time to read books, let alone review them.

I’m planning to come back full-strength in 2016 though; I already have some reviews waiting to be uploaded, and my aim this year is to make more time for reading and share my thoughts on the books I’ve loved – even those I’ve enjoyed a little less. I’m also adding cover votes to each book, as we all contradict the popular, well-worn ‘don’t judge a book’ phrase.

If you have any book suggestions for me, please let me know – I love a good romance novel in my downtime, plus a chilling thriller (I’ve really hopped on the unreliable narrator bandwagon) or a good piece of dystopian/speculative fiction (I love Margaret Atwood); even crossover YA fiction (The Book Thief was supposed to be a young adult novel…).

I’m also thinking of expanding my blog a little further in terms of reviewing book-based films (often very sadly lacking compared to their paper counterparts) and I’m toying with the idea of writing a novel myself. Working in publishing dispels many fantasies you may have about one day creating your own book, but I feel inspiration nibbling at my brain that deserves to be given air.

Thanks for sticking with me during an unexpected downtime and stay tuned!

Keeping calm and reading books,