Brooklyn Girls: Angie – Gemma Burgess

untitled“Angie James is lost. A regular poster girl for Generation Screwed, being 22 isn’t what she expected. What happens when having fun isn’t, you know, fun? In the Brooklyn townhouse she shares with her best friends, Angie wants to figure out what to do with her life. But wild parties, bad dates, dead-end jobs, demanding fashionistas and even true love just keep getting in the way… Who knew adulthood would be so damn grown-up?”

Earlier in the year, I reviewed the first book in the ‘Brooklyn Girls’ series – Pia – which I unexpectedly loved, and I was excited to get started on Angie. As one of Pia‘s most mysterious, troubled characters, I was interested to learn more about her backstory.

Troublesome Angie is a fashionista with a penchant for drama and a slash-and-burn way of dealing with her problems. Her story starts a couple of months before her twenty-third birthday when, over a leisurely breakfast, Angie’s mother announces that she’s divorcing her father – a revelation that leaves Angie feeling hollow. She heads home where she hopes to find one of the girls, but they’re all at work – unlike Angie, they’re all employed.

“All I want – no, all I need – is to forget about everything that’s wrong with my life. I need to escape.”

A few days later, Angie is aboard a boat in Turks and Caicos after an invite from her friend Stef and a split-second decision. But some drugs and a few drinks later, Stef isn’t looking so friendly any more… Another split-second decision later, Angie’s jumped off the boat and is swimming back to shore, leaving all of her possessions behind. However, the land she thought was so close is a lot further away. Luckily one of the boat crew, Sam, is paddling after her in a dinghy and rescues her. It seems like he could be the white knight Angie desperately needs. Bolstered by her feelings for Sam, Angie starts to knock other parts of her life into shape. As she gradually starts turning things around, she begins to face her problems head on rather than running away. But when a new revelation threatens to unbalance everything she has been working so hard to achieve, can she keep her cool, or will she resort to her old methods of ‘dealing’ with her problems…?

Much like PiaAngie is funky, fresh and cool, laced heavily with Burgess’ surefire wit, sparkle and irresistible narrative style. I await the next in the series, Coco, with bated breath…

Many thanks to Quercus for the review copy.


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