Exclusive extract of Low Expectations!

Georgie has a glamorous career in fashion. Her boss doesn’t know her name, but working for a genius will pay off one day. She hopes.

She also has great friends. Granted, they’re sometimes a bit superficial, but who wants to discuss a global crisis on a Friday night?

And she’s enjoying her single life. Eighteen months of celibacy, and not a hot prospect in sight.

Perhaps life’s not quite what she was hoping for…

But how can she change it, and what does she really want? Stuck somewhere between a quarter-life crisis and self-fulfillment, Georgie is determined that this year, everything will be different. Armed only with her sense of humour, some black eyeliner and her best attempt at ‘charming’, she’s on the way. But just how long will the new improved Georgie last?

Keep reading for an exclusive extract of Low Expectations by Elizabeth Aaron…


“Julian is the Assistant Womenswear Designer at Schrödinger’s Cat. It’s a relatively new brand built by Trigger Hunt, a Trustafarian of undeniable talent and fearsome pretentions. Trigger once had a thing with a hot young physicist and now feels that he holds deep insight into the mysteries of the universe. He uses this knowledge to great effect by running up expensive frocks and giving enlightened quotes on ‘How Much Knitwear Is Too Much Knitwear?’ to Vogue. No one working there, including ‘Call-Me-Trigger-But-Don’t-Look-Me-In-The-Eye Hunt’, really understands the principles behind the name. Nevertheless, pseudo-scientific inspiration is drafted into the press release of each collection with increasingly tenuous connections.

“An example: Spring/Summer 2013, which I assisted Julian and Trigger with, grew from a mood board of outer space into images of what Trigger imagined String Theory might look like. This process was achieved by an intern pinning and taping a ball of twine in different formations. These were then photographed and edited so thoroughly on Photoshop that they emerged as something else entirely. This synthetic web became the basis of some of the best prints in the collection as well as a silhouette story involving Samurai Warrior Shoulders and Crinolines (made modern by a clever use of Neoprene). This all sounds like the deformed lovechild of Kurosawa’s subconscious and a wetsuit but was actually quite beautiful. It was heralded as a ‘postmodern triumph of historical revisionism’ by Style.com.

“One of the benefits of working for a boss who is brilliant enough to put up with, but is also a crazed, entitled psycho-maniac is that you form extremely firm friendships with your comrades. In fact, I have found the belief that everyone is at one another’s throats to be an unjust prejudice against the fashion industry. Certainly, a degree of hatred is inevitable during twelve to fourteen hour days, often including the weekends, in a hothouse environment of gay men, single women and the unpaid slave-children known as interns. But a mixture of hard work, team spirit, humour, hysteria and despair bonds people together effectively, for better or for worse, till burn-out or a better job does them part.

“Our social dynamic has shifted when discussing work-related issues now that I’ve left to finish my degree. Julian is still there, toiling away, and I have defected back to the lifestyle of the carefree, petit-bourgeois student degenerate. I sense he now views me with a mixture of jealousy and suspicion…”

Low Expectations is a smart, raunchy, laugh-out-loud novel about what it means to be a ‘Real Woman’ today and launches TODAY! Happy publication day, Elizabeth!

KCARAB fans, get sure you get your copy now from Elizabeth’s publisher Quercus! And don’t forget about the Low Expectations competition. To be in with a chance of winning a goody bag filled with make-up and perfume samples from @eaaronwrites, to celebrate the publication of Low Expectations, simply tweet me @keepcalmbooks with the following:

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