It’s Got To Be Perfect – Haley Hill

HaleyCover(APPROVED)“When Ellie Rigby hurls her three-carat engagement ring into the gutter, she is certain of only one thing, that she has yet to know true love. Following months of disastrous internet dates and conflicting advice from her dysfunctional friends, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Although now, instead of just looking for a man for herself, she s certain her life’s purpose is to find deep and meaningful love for all of the singles in the world. Five years on, running the UK s biggest matchmaking agency, and with hundreds of engagements to her name, she has all the answers she needs. She knows why eighty-five percent of relationships fail. She knows why twenty-eight is the most eligible age for a woman. She knows that by thirty-five she’ll have only a thirty-percent chance of marriage. Most of all, she knows that no matter what, it has to be perfect. Or does it?”

It’s Got to Be Perfect details the humorous fictional exploits of matchmaker Ellie Rigby. Following a disastrous split from her fiancé, she realises her calling in life is to find true love – for other people. She sets up a new matchmaking business which gets off to a slightly rocky start – her initial tactic is to approach strangers at some of the hottest clubs in London – but soon she has so many clients that she needs to hire more staff.

Enter the effervescent Mandi – a true hopeless romantic – and the no-nonsense, all-business Mia, and together the trio make happy couple after happy couple. But no matter how many people Ellie finds true love for, she can’t ignore the growing feeling that her own happy ending might be just around the corner – in the form of Nick, an ex-client and ex-boyfriend who she can’t stop thinking about. A group ski trip does nothing to take her mind off of him – but it could be what brings them back together…

Chock full of characters so colourful they jump off the page, It’s Got To Be Perfect is an amusing read, peppered with too-funny-not-to-be-true anecdotes (inspired by the author’s own matchmaking experiences) that leaves the reader wanting more. Will Ellie and Nick get it together? I hope Haley starts work on the sequel soon so we can find out…


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