Every Seventh Wave – Daniel Glattauer

45824_EverySeventhWave_MMP.inddLove Virtually ends as Leo leaves Austria for America. He and Emmi have still not met, but the intensity of their e-mail correspondence has been threatening Emmi’s marriage. Leo returns from Boston and gradually resumes his e-mail contact with Emmi. But he has plans to settle down with Pamela, the woman he met in America. In an attempt to draw a line under their relationship, Emmi and Leo at last agree to meet in person…”

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Every Seventh Wave for quite some time now. I loved loved LOVED Love Virtually and was on tenterhooks as soon as the book ended. So as soon as this book arrived, I picked it up and didn’t put it down until I’d finished. Luckily, it turned out to be so good that it was more than worth the wait.

We left Emmi and Leo at the point of no return at the end of Love Virtually. They’ve finally agreed to meet, but at the last moment Emmi calls things off. Her apology email to Leo is met by an automated delivery failure notification – that the recipient can no longer receiving incoming messages. Leo has left the country, and Emmi is left pondering her actions. At the start of Every Seventh Wave, she’s been emailing Leo repeatedly, every time met by an automated notification – until one day, she receives no automated response back. Desperately hoping he’s finally receiving her emails again, she sends another. Then, finally, Leo replies, and their email love affair starts all over again.

Despite yet more stumbling blocks in their way – Emmi’s still married, and Leo has now met someone that he plans to start a life with – the two continue cautiously, picking up where they left off. They finally meet in person, but things take another turn when Leo admits to Emmi that Bernhard, her husband, stumbled across their emails before he left for America. The two struggle to reach over the ever-widening chasm between them, but still they correspond, even during difficult times for both of them – the ending of Leo’s relationship, the death of his mother, marriage struggles between Emmi and Bernhard – and finally Leo challenges Emmi, and asks her if she will divorce Bernhard. Will this ultimatum make or break the couple we’ve all come to love?

Filled with even more suspense, uncertainty and wit than Love Virtually, Every Seventh Wave is a compulsive and compelling read. Written in a style that more than befits our modern times, it’s the must-read romance for our generation. It’s also nice to read a story that’s summed up in two stories, rather than the usual trilogy; a refreshing format.


Now, one last nod to the first book – I absolutely loved the cover on the edition of Love Virtually that I have, and want to give a nod to the brilliant alternate design of Every Seventh Wave. They’re two of my favourite covers and perfectly befit their contents.


Many thanks to Quercus for the review copy.


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