Darkness Falls – Cate Tiernan

Darkness Falls Paperback high res“Nastasya has lived for more than 400 years but things never get any easier. As she learns more about herself, she questions whether it will ever be possible to break free from the darkness of her former life. Can she turn away from the one person she wants to be with above all others? Should her past determine who she should – or should not – love? Desire, death and painful secrets are revealed in this compulsively addictive sequel to Immortal Beloved.”

After quickly falling in love with the first book in this trilogy, Immortal Beloved, I was excited to get my hands on Darkness Falls and continue Nastasya’s story. The book picks up where the last one left off, showing Nastasya’s continual struggle with her new, wholesome life, her traumatic past, her feelings for bad-boy-turned-good Reyn and the nagging insistence that, despite all of her efforts to become a better person, she can’t fight off her evil legacy.

While she battles to make good (Tahti) magic, not bad (Terava) magic, life continues in a similar vein at River’s Edge as in the last book; chores must be done, wisdom must be learned, and the immortals must learn to live each moment, hour and day as it comes. But despite Nastaya’s attempts at clean living, her old best friend Innocencio (Incy for short) comes to find her, and he whisks her off to Boston so that she can return to her old life. And return she does; for a short while she relishes the indulgent food, expensive clothes and swanky establishments. But when Incy’s sinister manner, which chased her away in the first place and led her to seek refuge at River’s Edge, makes a comeback, Nastasya realises that she may have made the wrong decision…

Darkness Falls contains all of the wittiness, punch and compelling dialogue of Immortal Beloved and more, continuing to carefully build up Nastasya’s back story and the other characters. Cate Tieran makes full use of her intricate storytelling skills, again keeping the story pacy whilst spinning it out enough to do it full justice. The first book was a tough act to beat, but with its twists and turns, a darkening storyline and plenty more romance and sexual tension, Darkness Falls knocks its predecessor for six.

Many thanks to Hodder & Stoughton for the review copy.


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