Wake – S.C.M. Reid

I’m starting University. Everybody gets nervous, right? It’ll be good. Meet new people, do a course I enjoy, have nights out, maybe even meet a guy, it’ll be ace – no worries. Stephanie is adjusting to the normal student life of living in halls and going to lectures. At the sports clubs she even gets the attention of the mysterious and seemingly dangerous Fraser. It all seems to be going well, yet strange things are starting to happen. People are being attacked around the campus and Fraser keeps on appearing when she least expects him. Can Stephanie figure out what is going on in her new life? Does she really want to know? It could be more danger than she can handle.”

Wake isn’t my usual type of book. Since the dawn of Twilight, bookshelves have been stuffed with vampire, paranormal and supernatural books that don’t quite meet the high standards I experienced when, as a teenager, I read the hugely enjoyable Night World series by L. J. Smith. However, the blurb on the book promised a more interesting and original premise, and one which I certainly enjoyed.

It certainly starts Twilight-esque; new girl in town comes across cool guy who is always surrounded by a bunch of guys slightly older (by hundreds of years, as she finds out) than her. Then, strange incidents start happening and Stephanie begins to realise something’s not quite right. She’s attacked in the park – but cool guy Fraser dismisses it as a fall and bang to the head. Still, he always seems to know where she is and he seems hell-bent on keeping her safe, appearing whenever she is in need of protection.

When the truth finally comes out that Stephanie was attacked by a rival vampire, and one who’s had an axe to grind with Fraser for years, it’s accompanied by a new talent. What starts off as a keen sense of intuition when it comes to maps and directions turns into a telepathic ability to send and receive messages and to pinpoint someone’s location. Talents that will come in very handy when she’s kidnapped by the blood-thirsty Vincent and his bunch of nasty friends…

Wake delivered on its promise and exceeded my expectations of what I thought would be a copycat novel. I’d choose it over Bella and Edward any day (along with most of the books in the world)…


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