Keeping calm and going on holiday

Hello all, I just thought I’d update you on what’s going on here at the Keep Calm crib. I’ve just finished Mini Shopaholic which I’ll be posting a review of soon (hint: I loved it) and I’m currently completely engrossed in We Need to Talk About Kevin. In fact, I’ve just booked an 8-night holiday and, although I’ve got plenty to worry about in terms of packing/finishing my humongous to-do list at work before leaving, one of the things most niggling me is the thought that I MIGHT NOT GET IT FINISHED BEFORE I LEAVE.

Y’see, this holiday will be my first electronic-only holiday. No books. No heavy luggage. No having to part with precious tomes because I brought 8 with me and they just won’t fit alongside all the souvenirs I’ve amassed over a couple of days. That means that unless I finish it before I go (and it’s not looking likely with everything on my mental plate) I will have to finish it when I get back. Oh, the horrors.

Still, you can expect a review when I return, nice and tanned, if that’s the case. I’ll also be scouting out a copy of 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (I’m a long-time fan and desperate to get my mitts on it), It’s a Man’s World by Polly Courtney and generally seeing what I’ve got lined up for the rest of 2011.

I’ll be away from my email and blissfully uncontactable until 12th September, so if I don’t reply to any correspondence that’s why. Feel free to send me something to read that I can come home to!

One last thing: this is my new favourite bag and way to carry my stacks of books around. The postcard has joined my similarly literature-themed ranks on my wall and it makes me giggle.

They were both very kindly sent to me by Sally Beerworth at The Joy of Ex foundation (, a lovely and very amusing kindred spirit who likes her vodka as much as me, it would seem (i.e. a lot). Follow her, love her, buy her things: @sallybeerworth.

See you when I get back home, hopefully with SOME semblance of a tan.

Sarah x


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