The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days– Tarek Malouf

I’ve recently become a bit more domestic and started baking (I’ve branched out from making chocolate, banana & pecan loaf to maple & pecan cupcakes) so when I saw this book I couldn’t resist. It turned up and it was indeed a thing of beauty – a hardback book with some cloth bounding (I can’t resist cloth-bound books) and I couldn’t wait to get baking.

Unfortunately, I WILL have to wait. I only own a mixing bowl and a loaf tin (kindly donated by my manager) and a wooden spoon. To make most of these recipes you need a food processor and electric mixer – I own neither. I’m still a fan of the hard graft hand mixing. I DID find some ones that only required a bit of elbow grease, but unfortunately those recipes called for very specifically shaped baking tins (I can’t find a 9×12.5″ one for love nor money) which, again, I don’t own.

This is a beautiful book full of scrumptious recipes ranging from whoopie pies, muffins sweet and savoury – the chili pepper, cheese and sweetcorn ones look delicious – to cupcakes, cakes and cheesecakes. I just wish I could try some recipes for myself, but I’ll have to wait until I do a bulk bakery equipment buy! Watch this space…


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