Selling my eSoul

I’ve spent the digital age of publishing holding onto my beloved thumbed paperbacks and silently pitying those with eReaders and Kindles. Then I realised that, due to the fact that I read very fast (and the two-week holiday I’m planning shortly would mean half my suitcase would be taken up by books), I should probably buy one for practical purposes. Therefore I started stocking up – free eBooks, reduced ones, old favourites that I couldn’t resist – until I realised that I have 76 eBooks and no eReader. I finally buckled, bowing down at the altar of technology, and yesterday mine arrived. I’ve regarded it with some suspicion but have to (grudgingly) agree that it is a clever little piece of technology. Cunningly designed, easy to hold (although it’s slightly heavier than I thought and the buttons are a bit sensitive) and easy on the eye.

I’ll still cling fiercely on to the printed word, where I love the double-page format and folding down the pages (frowned up I know, but I’ve limited myself to only doing it on old and worn books, and only if it’s not borrowed) and the smell, the cover and the reassuring weight. I’m all for advancing technology and new publishing techniques, but it will be a sad day for me when the written and printed word becomes obsolete. Still, at least now I can review eBooks… And not exceed the baggage weight at the airport.


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