The Fame Factor – Polly Courtney

We’re all encouraged to follow our dreams – and that’s exactly what Zoe Kidd is doing, along with her friends Shannon, Ellie and Kate. The four rockers form Dirty Money, a band that’s been together since the girls’ university days. However, after years of trying to make it, they’re still playing gigs in tiny pubs by night and working jobs they hate by day, chasing the dream. Their lucks seems set to change when hotshot manager Louis Castle begins sniffing around – but soon it becomes clear that he’s only interested in one of them. Zoe is offered a solo contract, but when she takes it, every facet of her life changes…

I love this book because it’s pure escapism, with intelligent record business know-how thrown in. In this day and age, it’s easy to assume that fame is easy to get, but Polly Courtney reminds us that not is all as it seems in this glittering showbiz world. Zoe is sleeping rough and friendless with no-one to turn to while her three former bandmates with clashing personalities struggle to make it without her.

Despite snubbing her friends to chase her dream, Zoe is a likeable and understandable character and creating one of those wins the good-novel battle halfway. Polly’s writing style is pacy and fresh and I found the book hard to put down.


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