So, Your Girlfriend’s a Vegetarian? – Adam Shaw

I took this book away on holiday as it looked like a great beach read – and I wasn’t disappointed. Within a few minutes I was pulled into the world of J, a twenty-something graduate who hates his job, itches to go travelling and is a whiz in the kitchen. He lives with best mates Tim and Mel and everything is fine – until he meets Jasmine and a rollercoaster ride of problematic relationships ensure.

My favourite bit about this book was the original addition of recipes throughout the book. As J cooks, is cooked for and goes out for meals, author Adam Shaw provides detailed recipes all the way through. From drinks to starters, meals and puddings that are all incredibly tasty and with easy to follow instructions. The only disappointment about taking this book on holiday? I wanted to start cooking but there was no kitchen! Don’t worry, though, as the recipes are cleverly indexed at the back if you can’t remember what page those delicious Mojitos were on.

So, Your Girlfriend’s a Vegetarian is well-written, hilarious and will be loved by anyone who likes contemporary fiction. It rivals mainstream titles like Twentysomething by Iain Hollingshead. I think it would have benefited from a slightly heavier edit, but overall I was pleasantly surprised by the high-quality, pacy dialogue. This book left me entertained – and hungry for more. I eagerly await the follow-up, So, Your Girlfriend Wants to Go Travelling?

This review appeared in Issue 17 of The Self Publishing Magazine and here:


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