Never Mind the Botox: Alex – Penny Avis and Joanna Berry

Meet Alex, a hot-shot lawyer who has to land a deal for her firm if she wants to make partner one day. When she hears about the Beau Street Group deal, she thinks it’s perfect. But soon she realises that everything isn’t as it seems… The glittering cosmetic surgery business reveals a dark secret that Alex has to work hard to uncover. At the same time, her engagement to flippant rcker Elliott is on the rocks – not helped along by her attractive co-worker Dan, lingering in the background.

I simply couldn’t put this book down. With its fast-paced writing, sparkling wit and likeable characters, Alex draws you and keeps you hooked. A glamorous novel with a down-to-earth protagonist you can’t help but cheer on, Penny and Joanna have carefully crafted a set of believable characters. Sex, scandal, and – what I enjoyed most of all – an intelligent insight into two professions that are worlds apart that educates and informs the reader. There’s no meaningless clunky jargon or business speak lost on anyone who’s never been involved in these industries. I can’t wait for the next in the series!

Move over Bridget Jones… and move over Louise Bagshawe!

This review will appear in a future issue of The Self Publishing Magazine.


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